SuccessFactors Implementation Tips

SuccessFactors is known for its friendly user interface and how easy it makes the business of HR.


Did you know that if you have a good consultant or are confident in your own ability to enhance the solution,

you can customize not only the look-and-feel of the product and how you see or use your data?



  • SuccessFactors HCM Suite

Opt for these 5 new Admin opt-in features in the latest release

Recruiting in SuccessFactors is composed of two elements, recruiting marketing and recruiting management, which work together to create an effective recruiting tool for your business.


Running more effective and efficient project status meetings

Applying the spirit of SuccessFactors’ streamlined design as an inspiration, you can streamline your project status discussions so that you spend more time working productively. With just a few simple tweaks to your procedure, your meetings can be more effective, more efficient, and actually enjoyable!


How to auto-create worksheets for new Compensation Managers

A common challenge you may encounter in SuccessFactors is having to manually create a worksheet for new Compensation Managers whose employees may or may not already appear on another Compensation Manager’s worksheet. Empowering your managers to assign or reassign employees without involving the HR department saves man-hours and provides autonomy.


Troubleshooting candidate profile aesthetics in SuccessFactors

A common challenge you may encounter in SuccessFactors Recruiting is a candidate profile page that doesn’t offer your job candidates a polished first impression. This can happen through small visual cues like columns that are too narrow and cause your prompts to run over onto the next line or a picklist that has too much white space in the default drop-down position.


Creating talent review presentations in SuccessFactors

Did you know that you can use SuccessFactors to create and share talent review presentations that pull live data from within the secure system? You can:

Upload a template that includes your company branding or start from scratch and design your own. Choose the type of slide you want from a selection that includes performance potential matrix, Succession org chart, Compensation review, position tile, and more!

Interact with select real-time employee data as you present.

Securely share a talent review presentation with other decision makers in the organization.


Field-based permissioning for SuccessFactors Compensation Forms

Common challenges you may encounter when manipulating Compensation forms are:

managing which fields are hidden, visible, or editable by specific criterion or groups

allowing different permission levels per form template

For example, hiding the compa-ratio from your managers, but allowing your HR team to view it

Fortunately, these issues are easily resolved by knowing how to change field level permissions levels in the Admin tool. Watch this brief video tip to learn how to manage who can and cannot see/edit fields in your compensation forms.


How to use quotation marks as text delimiters when importing a CSV file

A common challenge you may encounter when importing data into SuccessFactors may stem from text fields that contain extra commas. Getting this data into your system can be tricky and mistakes can mean that employees with incorrect data fields, like home address, may miss important mailed communications and tax forms.

Fortunately, these problems are easily resolved by knowing how to use quotation marks as text delimiters. Follow this simple tip to learn how to easily format your import files.


Uploading a Picklist with Special Characters to SuccessFactors and Viewing a Picklist in Microsoft Excel

Learn how to resolve common configuration errors within your SuccessFactors system that stem from:

special characters that cause incorrectly uploaded picklists

correctly viewing picklists with special characters in Microsoft Excel


Creating custom help text for Recruiting

Custom help text in Recruiting can explain information fields to candidates and provide better information to your recruiter.


Creating custom badges for Employee Profile in the Admin tool

In SuccessFactors Employee Profile, creating custom badges can be as easy as awarding them!


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