SuccessFactors Employee Central

The new HR mandate is moving beyond automating processes, reducing costs, and compliance to building value-based relationships with every member of the workforce at all levels of the business


With access to comprehensive, integrated, searchable people and organizational information from inside your SAP SuccessFactors system and those that integrate with it, you can get a holistic view of what your organization looks like in real time.


Make decisions with 2,000+ built-in metrics in Workforce Analytics to see data trends, get drill-down analysis, and forecast how changes will impact your business.


As a cloud-based HR solution, Employee Central keeps you up-to-date on regulations, compliance, and legal changes with automatic updates.

An expense report that writes itself

SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central is the foundation upon which all other SuccessFactors modules sit, interface, and build upon, making it the ultimate “system of record.” With it, you can manage your local people and support a global business with localized compliance. Improve your business performance with more informed strategic decisions that gather business insight from integrated core data.

What type of organizations would be a good fit?

  • Flexible and willing to change to a best practice design
  • Have a lean Learning or HR Support Team and need help with automation
  • Not in a complex organizational structure
  • For Employee Central: Not unionized or are not in a complex manufacturing environment

Engage Your Employees

Engage Your People

Engage your employees with all HR information they need in one place, in a smart and user-friendly interface.

Engage Your People

Employee Central uses familiar social networking tags and maneuverability to encourage employees to share and deepen their knowledge, earmark and search for topics, and interact with their colleagues.

Engage Your People

No juggling, no hassle, no waiting… Just a SuccessFactors module ready to go! To help our customers who need a faster SuccessFactors implementation, Inlet has developed a ready-to-deliver solution based on best practices.

Financial and Time Savings:

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