SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll

The new HR mandate is moving beyond automating processes, reducing costs, and compliance to building value-based relationships with every member of the workforce at all levels of the business


Employee Central Payroll is available exclusively to SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central customers and is fully integrated into entire SuccessFactors HR suite and SAP ERP on-premise products.


As your payroll data never leaves your SAP system, it stays secure and doesn’t lose accuracy through data transfer.


Let Employee Central Payroll automate and accelerate your payroll processing, reduce risk, and simplify payroll management.

An expense report that writes itself

SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll is based on SAP’s proven on-premise payroll product. With its attractive and simplified interface, Employee Central Payroll continues to improve upon the modern user experience.

Employee Central Payroll – Payroll Control Center key takeaways:

  • Automation of the end-to-end payroll process
  • Real-time insight into payroll
  • Real-time overview of workload and progress
  • Real-time overview of workload and progress
  • Audit and compliance trails

Employee Central Payroll Suit

Employee Central Payroll Suit

At 33 countries and growing, Employee Central Payroll is global payroll. However, with its scalability, Employee Central payroll adapts to meet your needs.

Employee Central Payroll Suit

Retro pay, garnishment processing, gross-ups, localized and global compliance are standard. Reduce errors in self-service and boosts adoption through innovations like built-in wizards, org charts, inline comments, audit history, flexible workflows, and more.

Employee Central Payroll Suit

This solution alerts you to payroll inconsistencies and allows you to quickly resolve issues prior to Go-Live during implementations, upgrades, and year-end updates

Provides management with immediate insight to make a Go/No Go Decision:

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Significant decrease in the amount of corrections from the previous pay period:

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