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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Exactly what is HR and HCM?

    • HR stand for "Human Resources" and HCM stands for "Human Capital Managment". Simply put, these are the main terms related to the art of managing people. At Inlet Partners, we want to help you do that in the most effective way possible so that you can maximize the talent in your workforce.

    How much does SuccessFactors cost?

    • It depends on how many modules you select, and how many users will be participating. Sometimes discounts exist for bundles, etc. Try our free assessment service and let's talk about how SuccessFactors can work for you!

    What do I do if I already have an HR system?

    • Many of our clients already have certain HR elements they have invested in. The question is - where are your gaps? SucessFactors integrates with many (not all) products. Because SuccessFactors is available in separate modules, you can start anywhere your needs dictate. Contact us today so we can help craft a solution that fits your business' needs!

    You talk about going from tactical to strategic with HR. What does that mean?

    • Many HR departments are used to having to "make do" with whatever has been pieced together over the years. Staff spends far too much time compiling data by hand, or not having important data even tracked. SuccessFactors enables a business to have access to a tremendous amount of data that any CEO might use for strategy. For example - can your system tell you the diversity or gender statistics for your company? If your boss is in a meeting and wants to know how many employees are scheduled for retirement in the next six months, can you answer the question while he is still in the meeting? Have data like this as your fingertips - anytime, and in real time.

    Why don't you have a list of clients on your website?

    • Simple. Because here at Inlet Partners we believe that we are here to work for YOU. Not the other way around. We are happy to have a conversation with you about our references. We are confident that you will be thrilled with the results.